About Us

Where we’re from and where we’re heading. Learn it here.

Who are we? Designers. Programmers. Wordsmiths. Artists.

The story of Design By Bay begins with a dream of two longtime friends from Panama City Beach, Fla. who joined forces to serve local businesses through the creation of high quality, modern, and effective websites. After settling on a name, Design By Bay was born in Fall 2012. Since then, the company has expanded its service offerings to reflect the team’s growing technical expertise.

Design By Bay provides customized digital media solutions for businesses large and small. We design our services around structured goals that are in place to help our clients succeed in what they do — and for those who already have found success, we work to help them increase their industry presence. We believe digital media can be one of the most important assets in a business’ toolbox: we’re here to help our clients utilize it effectively.

Looking ahead, we wish to share our expertise not only with businesses, but with nonprofits. Which is why in early 2015 we began offering completely free ($0, forever) digital media services for qualified nonprofits through our community outreach program. As time and resources permit, we hope to expand this program and bring services to 12 nonprofits a year by 2017.

Core Values

In an effort to continue to provide top-tier services for our clients, we hold the following principles at our core:

  • Learn as much as possible about our clients
  • Serve our clients' interests in the most effective way
  • Respond quickly to all communications
  • React appropriately to changing technologies

We only charge for services we would be satisfied with receiving ourselves.