Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed our main specialties on our website. However we have a robust knowledge of other services and our constantly adding new talent to our team. If we are unable to help you with a specific service you require, we will most likely be able to refer you to another company that will be able to better assist your needs.

No, you are free to host with any company you want. If you choose to utilize one of our maintenance packages, we will be able to easily implement any updates you may have or troubleshoot any technical issues your visitors might be experiencing.

For most website and graphic design projects, we will at a minimum need a high-resolution version of your logo, along with any marketing materials and product/service information you currently have. Beyond that, we would like to know what your marketing objectives are and how you would like this project to benefit your business. This information will allow us to better customize the project to your needs. Your account manager will inform you the specifics regarding what we need to begin work on your project.

Each project has various time restraints which allow us to produce the best possible product for you. However if you are in need of a rush delivery, call us and we will provide you with a time estimate on how quickly your project can be produced.

Yes, one of our goals is to have our services available everyone. During the consultation phase, you will be provided more information relating to our payment plans.

No. Our design services often include utilizing the best available images and copy for your design project. If you do not have your own images, our marketing team will choose premium stock images that will help you accomplish your design goals.

Yes. Search Engine Optimization is mostly about having relevant and informative content. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other companies are constantly updating their algorithms to prevent people from artificially manipulating their placement in search results. When designing a website, we follow industry standards and Google’s recommendations to ensure your organization has the best chance to move ahead in the rankings.

No, in most cases a phone call or email is all that is necessary. All documents needed can be sent by fax, email, or physical mail.
We also are available to schedule long-distance meetings via Skype or other software.

No, all of our fees are explained before the service is provided. All of our design services are a one-time only fee with no other cost. We use Google and Microsoft email services and forward their exact charges to you. If you choose to host a website with us, you will be invoiced a monthly fee specific to the package you select.

Some of our services are billed based on how many hours of work were required to complete the project. Our team will be able to provide you with a cost estimate for these types of services, but the final cost could vary if more time than expected is required. If this is the type of service you require, our team will emphasize the possibility of extra costs before you commit to the project.

Yes, you will have the option of having reports sent to you from Google Analytics.