Referral Program

We know you don’t need an incentive to recommend our services, we’re just providing a bit of motivation.

Share The Rewards

We’re always eager to take on new clients, so if you know anyone in need of a website send them our way. You won’t just be doing them a favor, you’ll be making some cold, hard cash. Earn up to $200 for each new client you refer that purchases a website package from us!

$200 Account Credit

Current clients can elect to receive a $200 credit to their account for each completed referral. This account credit can be applied to a current invoice or retained for future services.

$100 Cash

Complete a referral and we’ll send you a check for $100! Cash it and use the funds how you please. Current clients also can select this option if they wish.


If you're ready to start earning rewards, send us a message and we'll get you enrolled!

Before enrolling, make sure you’ve read the terms and conditions as well as the frequently asked questions below.


How It Works

The path to earning rewards is so simple, we’ve summed it up in three steps.

Enroll In Program

Before you can start earning rewards, you need to enroll in the program. This will let us keep track of your referrals and allow us to send your rewards to the right place. NOTE: Current clients do not need to enroll.

Spread the Word

Once we’ve confirmed your enrollment, you can start referring for rewards immediately. Simply tell a potential client about our custom website design services and send them our way. For you to get credit for the referral, the new client has to tell us you referred them during the sign up process.

Enjoy Your Reward

Once we’ve confirmed with our new client that you referred them, the referral will be credited to your account and enter the pending stage. Once the new website project is completed, we’ll cut you a check or issue you your account credit!

We’ll confirm all new referrals to you via email. We’ll also update you on your tier level and expected time to reward fulfillment. In the event the service agreement between Design By Bay and any referred client is terminated prior to project completion, no credit for the referral will be given.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Referred clients must be purchasing a new custom website solution from Design By Bay
  • Referred clients must be first-time clients of Design By Bay
  • Member making the referral must not be employed by, related to an employee of, or otherwise directly associated with the referred client.
  • Referral rewards will be paid out only after completion of the respective custom website projects
  • Design By Bay reserves the right to suspend, terminate or otherwise cancel this program at any time
Please see the program's complete terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only referrals of first-time clients signing up for our custom website design service are eligible for rewards.

One of the questions we ask all new clients is how they found out about us and whether they were referred by anybody. For you to receive credit for a referral, the new client must indicate that you have referred them and you must have enrolled in the referral program prior to that date.

No. The program terms and conditions clearly state that at no time can reward payments be dispatched in advance for any reason.

No, participating in the referral program does not make you an employee of Design By Bay. You will be responsible for all taxes related to reward payments and will be required to sign a form acknowledging this prior to accepting your reward payment.

Rewards are sent out approximately 6 – 8 weeks after project completion. The date of project completion is determined as the first date for which the referred client’s new website has been launched and fully paid for. Since we offer financing plans for some projects, this date might be different than the date the new website is first launched. Generally, rewards can be expected within three months of client signup.

You can contact us at any time to check the status of your referral account.

You are limited to receiving a maximum of two referral rewards each month.

Yes, referral rewards can be delayed or canceled at the sole discretion of Design By Bay. One reason for cancellation of a referral reward is early termination of service agreement by the referred client. Referral rewards can also be withheld in the event the website is never launched or full payment is never received for services provided, which means project completion is never achieved.