Copy Editing

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othing distracts an audience from your message like a mistake in spelling or grammar. Keep your next presentation, marketing document, or business proposal distraction free by letting one of our experienced copy editors take a look at it.

Our team is trained in reviewing documents for spelling, grammar, clarity, and style. When one of our editors makes a change to your document, it is because we believe it is an improvement. If there is something our editors are unsure about, they will provide their suggested change as a note, instead of editing the document directly. This gives you the chance to review our note and decide if it is something you would like to implement.

Consistency and Clarity

Our editors check for more than just common grammar issues. We make sure you are communicating your message as effectively and consistently as possible. This means you will get feedback on things like word choice and sentence structure.

Tracked Changes

When editing Microsoft Word documents, our team utilizes the “Track Changes” feature. This means you will know exactly what edits were made to your document and will have the opportunity to accept or reject them as you please.

Practical Feedback

Our editing process includes providing you with a critique that you can use to take your document’s quality to the next level. Spelling and grammar are important, but they certainly aren’t everything!

Understanding The Process

1. Evaluation of Intent

The first step of our editing process always involves a conversation with you, so our editors can develop an understanding of your goals with the document they will be editing. This helps us make adjustments that more closely match your organization’s needs.

2. First Pass

Our first look at your document is always a read-through in which our editors are focused more on understanding your message than making changes. This allows us to make better adjustments to your copy when we make the second pass.

3. Line-By-Line Review

During our focused review, we check each line for spelling, grammar, clarity, and consistency. This allows us to limit redundancy, reduce distraction, and provide you with the best possible version of your document.

4. Summary and Critique

The final stage involves an evaluation of the document as a whole. Our editors review their notes and changes and provide you with a summary in which they critique the document and state their overall impression. Our goal is that this information will help you make the decisions you need to have a document that’s ready for your audience.

What We Edit

Our team will edit any copy you can throw our way (as long as it’s in English). Below are a few examples of items we are able to review and edit. If you have any questions regarding our editing process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Business Proposals
  • Slideshow Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Books/Novels
  • News Articles
  • Flyer Content
  • Website Content
  • Advertising Copy
  • Talks/Speeches
  • Radio/TV Commercial Scripts