Video Production

Cinematic. Artistic. Professional.

From music videos to commercials, our talented production team can help you take your business to the next level. With Design By Bay, you get high-quality video productions without breaking the bank. Whether you already have your script and actors or you need our team to produce everything from scratch, our team will be able to meet your business’s objectives.

Example projects:

  • Music VIdeos
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Commercials
  • Visual Effects
  • Short films
  • Corporate training

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Our Skills

DSLR Filmmaking

Our production team uses full-frame DSLRs to create the best quality images while keeping costs at a minimum. Using a variety of lenses and lighting accessories, our team will give your next production that Hollywood look!

Visual Effects

Our post-production experts utilize an array of digital effects software to achieve looks that are too costly or dangerous to complete practically. From advanced transitions to exterior shots of airborne planes, our team can achieve almost any effect your project might need.


Our experienced writers will take your project’s goals and translate them into an effective screenplay. Once you approve the script, our production team will take over and begin shooting your film.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes the most effective way to accomplish your project’s goals is through a kinetic typography. Reinforce what’s being heard through on-screen text and visualizations. Such a project is often ideal for speech excerpts, commercials, or lyric videos.

Color Correction

Our editors will adjust the colors in your video to your project’s desired look. Consistency throughout the film is important so as not to provide your audience with a reason to be distracted from the message you are trying to convey.

Digital Release

Our team will work with you to release the final cut on whatever medium you desire, from YouTube to Vimeo. We can also provide fully authored DVD and Blu-Ray discs with interactive menus and additional features.